Текст песни Nelly Furtado — Miracles

Turn every tear on my face to gold
Make the skin on the back of my neck turn cold Need to feel my bare feet on your road
I will never again walk alone
If you question my faith
I'd still believe
Put a knife in my heart I wouldn't bleed
This is brand new air that I'm breathing
I'm breathing
Show me all of your miracles
I'm totally inside your waterfall Never felt something this real before I believe in all your miracles

Take me up to the places you live
I know that you've got so much more to give I know that you're not meant to worship But I'm losing my sense of control
If you question my faith
I'd still believe
I need this air so desperately so I can breathe
I feel it in my heart and my mind and my body and soul
I feel all your power and I'm losing all control
I'm weightless
This space is
Divine divine divine !

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