Текст песни Sugababes — Twisted

My personality is quite rude
Only to the point where I’m on girly dues
It’s so hard just being me
People asking questions
Maybe they can’t see
‘Cos I’ve got my life controlled
How ‘bout you deal with yours
Don’t talk what you don’t know
You’re in the back, I’m doing what I know

Me myself I’m twisted,
You won’t know you missed it
And its ok if I’m a little bit crazy
Am I a little bit insane well maybe
And it’s just a little something
But I’d rather be me than nothing
And it’s ok if I’m a little bit crazy
It doesn’t mean I can’t be a lady

Now I’m the kind of girl who knows her biz
Flirtatious in a way but it depends on how I feel
Still I keep it classy, stay with a guy that’s real
‘Cos if he ain’t supporting
Then he’s not the real deal, check it
I’m forever getting misunderstood
Always been a leader not a puppet, it’s good
Before the music game there was me and that’s it
I’ve never been the one to fight but I won’t take it


I’m not the type to say just get out my face
‘Cos the girl that you think you see
Sometimes needs a little space to breathe
Please, its not OK, to invade my space
‘Cos the smile that you see on show
Underneath it all I need some time to grow


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