Текст песни Sugababes — Crash And Burn

Verse 1:
We should've paid attention when we started seeing signs
Could've slowed down to get our directions right
We were headed for the edge
Everything happens so fast
Now its too late
(Too late)
Too busy pointing fingers over who was wrong or right
Couldn't see the pouring rain through our selfish pride
Can't pretend all along we didn't see it coming
Tried to hit the breaks
But we crashed and burned
Somewhere we missed our turn
Hit along the road
We lost control
Thats when we crashed and burned
How did we miss our turn
Somewhere along the road
We let the wheel go
And our love crashed and burned

We burned
Verse 2:
We lost it all in the fire
We can't get it back
Theres no way to recover anything we had
We're on the outside looking in at our aftermath
Now it's too late
(too late)
We can't be rescued from the pain or the heart ache
Now trapped on the other side wit no way to escape
Reaching out right before we took our last breath
But we can't be saved
And the crowd it knows
Sometimes it ends up going wrong
Life can play a sad love song
If you look away for to long

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