Текст песни Sublime — Chica Mi Tipo

No importa que se lleva, porque todo se quitara
(it doesn't matter what you wear, because you're going to take it all off)
Ay, no puedo verlo, ni el figura
(but no, I can't look at you, not even your figure)
Cuando empecemos, no me dio cuenta
(when we began, I did not realize)
De que luego, tuviera que pagar
(that afterwards, I would have to pay)
Pero si se cambie, me voy a acostarme con ti, con ti
(but if things change, I'm going to lay down with you, with you)
No me propongo predicar, vive y deja vivir
(I'm not trying to preach, live and let live)

Pero el amigo es un condon en el bolsillo
(but a man's best friend is a condom in his pocket)
Yo no soy medico, no soy chapusero
(I am not a doctor, I am not a joker)
Solamente soy pobre, y ya estoy tan solo
(I am only poor, and now I am so alone)
Pero si se cambie, ella seria la mia,
(but if things change, she will be mine,)
Para ser poseido en propiedad, en propiedad
(to have as my property, property)
I've got to get it on with you, oh what can I do?
(I would lay down anytime with her, with her)

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