Текст песни Soulfly — Quilombo

This is a true story of a slaveman
Who fled his people from the white man
so I’ll say that he showed me the way
To be brave, brave, don’t be afraid
"Zumbi" his name, "Quilombo" his place
Our roots you can never erase
Thirty thousand Zumbi refugees
Fight the right, the right to be free
Rape the city, the masters of greed
Follow the warrior, the warrior Zumbi
No more no more no more slavery
No more no more no more misery
No more no more no more suffering
Zumbi Zumbi
Blow them away
Here we come, here we come slave drums
Here we come, here we come Quilombo
Time for war in tha land of the sun
I know God will not leave us alone
I know God will never leave us alone
Zumbi Zumbi
Got to be free
Quilombo Quilombo
+Quilombo: Brasilian refugee camps 300 years ago, 30,000 Quilombo
refugees faught against slavery. Their leader was Zumbi, a true Brasilian

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