Текст песни Soulfly — Prejudice

Shame of all nations
What seeds do we plant in an infant's mind
Seeds of destruction
And don't you trust their kind
This hate is deep rooted get rid of the weed
Destroying the harvest
Of peace that we need
Shame of all nations
We got to live in the same neighborhood
When you take a man's life it don't mean that you're good
Same blood runs through your veins
Your hate proves you're insane
See a man's face but you can't see his heart
Don't even know him but you tear him apart
Them kind of things they're just killing off the earth
Madness mayhem we must desert

Shame of all nations
Breeding hate don't need no segregation
If dirty people are all I can see
Then in their eyes the same dirt covers me
Take off the blindfold it's time to enlighten
Come out of the wickedness step out of the night
One man's agony is another man's joy
For self satisfaction we're prepared to destroy
One man one earth and one destiny
To kill satan and give God the glory
Shame of a nation
Breeding hate don't cause annihilation
For real

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