Текст песни Soulfly — Chains

Master of creation
This manipulation,
Means for an infestation NOW!
Faith or termination
They fight intervasion
End the sufferation NOW!
Build up tension
Then they'll rearrange ya
Appear we're for erasure NOW!
Karma to burn
Becoming undone
Injustice is done NOW!
Kill, survive… survive, do it, kill
Breathe, and breathe, the air smells, disease
Trenches, and trenches
The meddle past is ending
Bleeding, bleed out
No one will get out
Fight the war
War to fight
No one gets out alive
Master of creation!
No more chains,
Slave state
Feel this day of hate
Fight the war
War to fight
No one gets out alive
Break the chains and break away

Break the hate and run away
Break the chains and face the day
Lead the way, I knew their fates
Stored away and bit again
Fade away in this life drain
Lord of hate
Lord of fate
I resist
Feeling terror, it dominates
Communication is,
Ordinary tolerance
Chaos and insolence
Ominous, aberration
Invoke my new frustration
My leash is aberration
Corruption and tension
Slavery is misery
Inflicting heresy
Wounds are open endlessly
Hatred, animosity
Tourture (?) and bleeding backs
(with neglects?)
and faceless deaths
We'll arise and we'll defy 'em
Send the masters to the fire
Destroy the chains, these are the chains of hate
Destroy the chains, we cannot tolerate
Destroy the chains, war we won't create(?)
Destroy the chains, the evil of a man(?)
Destroy the chains (chains, chains)

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