Текст песни Soilwork — Machine Gun Majesty

I play the game of piercing fear. Is this the only sound ill ever hear?
Of hate I'll rise of this perennial demise!
Well if I ever should fall from this earth…
Would there be anything left of me?
Come feel the need of piercing steel penetrating your hope!
We suffer, yes we suffer… in this pit of hell
The pulsating hatelights who will deform?
Total devastation just catches your eye!
Take a trip inside of me! Theres all I need!
Of hate I'll rise of this perennial demise!
Cause we've cried bloodstained walls on every fucking side!

Come feel the need of piercng steel penetrating your hope!
Kill kill machinegun majesty!
Just steal steal come steal my night
The nights are long as well as the war
They pull my strings whenever they want a feelings just reach us
A feeling of insecurity of strength i'll rise of this miserable disguise
Repeat Chorus
Repeat First Verse
Kill kill machine gun majesty just spill spill come spill our blood
Kill kill machinegun majesty just steal steal forever stealing my life!

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