Текст песни Soilwork — Downfall24

I bet you've had another downfall
It's time for me to get it right
You're taking it (5x) too hard
Don't hesitate to paint your walls with blood
It's in me it's in you, don't you hold back the truth
Cause I can't feel nothing without
A confession from you
We couldn't go on like this you know
We shared a moment that refused to grow
Cause I know we meant to never be afraid
But I knew: impossible…
We made our visions look like

Something that would stay
So it's true we closed the deal…
I said to you don't make it worse not
It's time for you to make it right
I let you rule my world back then you know
I was blind, couldn't find
I was blind, couldn't find
The true essence of our lifetime
Without a confession from you
You're saying to me:
How could you do such a thing
Cause I've paid, every mistake
Building a void impossible to replace

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