Текст песни Mr. Bungle — Mr Nice Guy

There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you
Cause I’m pottie trained like a great dane
Have a nice day
Incubus in disquise. Lord of the flies
A pile of shit dressed up to appetize
The main course - degredation a La Mode
You accept the invitation
I know how to treat a lady
I’m a fountain of love like Christ
So shower in the golden jewelry of my balls
Eagerly you suck it down like a pig in a toilet
In a vacuum in a tornado in a black hole
Turbulent Whirlpool
Like Yin and Yang the doggie is my best friend
I think I need a foxy terrier
With a capital T that rhymes with D
That stands for Derriere
To bark for me and keep me company
You look so nice
With your nose in the dirt
You’re my puppy
Bend over and lick yourself
And when you sleep I’m sitting on your chest
Say it’s a dogs life so you do what you gotta doo doo
Doggie bitch let me drill my own hole
I don’t need a seed to drill my dickweed
I’m the one you want the one you get
I’m a sadist I’m a geek I’m a coprophagist
I shit you eat my poo you shit I eat your poo
I shit and infinite push-pull
hedonism trading furs
You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours
Incubus Suck your butts
Like Dick and Jane the K9 method is fucking insane
Its love, it’s dog, eat dog, eat dog!
With a capital D that rhymes with Tree
That stands for Pee-Pee
Your knight in shining armor
Aint no nice guy at all
I am the devil who’s under the skin
I hide in the smile and aim for the Quin
God is my tactic and nature’s my game
Forget all your opinions baby
Because I will always win…lesbian!
Fuck(blaa, blaa)
The ritual
I urinate chivalry instinctual
cuz I’m such a gentleman
You look so nice
With your nose the dirt
Fucking fuck fuck I’m tired fuck
It’s all a game.

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