Текст песни Moby — Let's Go Free 95

Let's (x2)
Let's go
Let's (x2)
Let's go
Let's go free
And I was
I found it in my heart
Not back in my home lair
When I get these ? ? ?
What I couldn't understand
That's I was so fucked
I was so afeared
I wanted to get fucked
What did I mean?
Now it's all dark
And my heart is all that's living
No this thing can't hold myself

What love is going here now?
And I was all lost
Yeah I was so what
You broke my heart
When I want
Now it's all fucked
I wanted to be safe
I wanted some care
Like everything is always
And I was so afeared
I was so fucked
I wanted no longer
Won't get me love
Love me love
Need a life (x4)

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