Текст песни Moby — Heavy Flow

I wanna break you down slow
'Cause you know I never understand
How this fucked up life makes
Sweat into blood and hands?

When I see it, I can't wait it
Got to hold on now
I need it, can't stop, you know
I'm gonna let my bubble blow

Never baby, takes near
I hope they're getting better with life
I felt it, I heard you're better than me, get much worse
We film it, we may hurt well, something made it work

I need it, can't wait
You know I'm gonna let my bubble blow
The way you touch me, babe
You know it makes me whole

When you're fucking me it powers up my soul
I know it's okay, I know I feel like a
I want to break you down and make you cum
Let go

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