Текст песни Moby — A Seated Night

Cuz im bishop when i motha fuckin come through/my rides model is a "92"
wit my boy gehab straight cruisin relax and choosin
makin sure then girls aint gonna be loosin/ cuz i no fi sho it aint goin down like that
when im pimpin them girls in ma poniac/ but fuck that i aint gonna floss
shit its yo loss it aint my fault i gotta job/makin it/ sellin it/ smokin it
that's right every bit by bit/ known everybody in this bitch/
and dont trip if you gonna snitch/youll get moved on so bad you wont no wat the fuck
hit you/ and if you try 2 get back motha fucka yo gone/straight up get blown/
cuz my life aint that long that path im choosin is right and your's is wrong/
Since im tryina be some one you motha fuckers no that i aint/
ill kick some emotional words thatll make ya ass fiant/ cuz i aint afraid of nothing but im scared of god/
cuz i no that he keeps me working on a regular job/
but come on man you people gotta start gettin serious/
you think ima change everyday but im gehab period/naw but fuck
you friends gotta start gettin real/
cuz my resolution is aint i fuckin takin it this year/cuz im strapped/
and i snapped/bishop hold me back/cuz i aint fuckin takin my ass back to
fuckin Rehab/ and please lord dont fuckint ake these words all wrong cuz i fuckin sayin shit that's
gonna make me look strong/but how the fuck you gonna say hat gehabs changed and
every time i bust out you think that
im actin starange but fuck that man/ ima say sumshit that direct me/ even tho you fuckin no that
it doesnt effect me/

"Double G" never been afraid to say wats on my mind and any given time or day
cuz ima
"Double G" never been afraid to holler bout anything (anything) anything ANYTHING
"Double G" never been afraid to say wats on my mind and anygiven time or day cuz ima
cuz ima
"Double G" never been afraid to holla about anything (anything) ANYTHING
so this is where we both colide makin you shiver tremble and terefied
this is the next line gonna get my boy occupid so just sit back and hear are rhymes
So while im sayin my rhymes/ you people take em as crimes/
so ima put my pen and paper down an fuckin resign/
so ima let my boy bishop fuckin hit the last line/
cuz im so fuckin sick and tired of people thinkin im blind/
makin you thinkin that fine lines sayin oh damn they to fine/
thats it this the motha fuckin 7th line/
fuck it im tired of rhymes/
so ima go sit back and pop my motha fuckin nine
Cuz Ima a "Double G" 5X

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