Текст песни Lindsay Lohan — Out Of Control

Gimme a reason
I'm on my knees and
I'm begging anything to keep me alive
I'm treading water
Your mind is stronger
I'm faking anything that I can't defy
Your broken heart's gone
And now you're all alone
You're giving everything
And now you'll break mine
I'm saying sorry
The words are nothing
Your voice is poison
And it gets worse
In time [x6]
[Chorus]This is out of control
We are still locked down today
We keep playing along
With intentions
What intentions?
It's like a bad dream

Another story running circles
in the back of my mind
So now it's ok to give me nothing
'Cause I was using you so I could get mine
You know I wanted to see only you
But you were trying just to keep me away
We're realizing, We're patronizing
So now its over but the past it remains
In time [x6]
[Chorus x2]What intentions?
These imperfections make it hurt
And you're far away now but I know you're coming home
This is out of control
We can't make it on our own
We keep playing along
Just to leave us more alone
This is out of control
This happy ending's getting old
But we're playing along with intentions

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