Текст песни Lindsay Lohan — I Wanna Be Bad

I wanna be bad (bad) (2X)
Boom! I wanna be bad
I wanna be bad, I wanna be bad, so bad bad
I got all, all these stars, running through my head
Dont wanna talk wanna rush, you watch me instead
If you pushin up on me, pop that personality (yeah)
For once I wanna be that I dont care chick
Its not about you (its not about you),
Or its not about me (its not about me)
How about that lap dance
I got cash I'm spending
I wanna be bad
Boy its getting hot hot,
take me to the top (top)
I can feel you rockin
Bounce it, go boom
I wanna be bad (4X)

Im a put you on tonight,
Im gonna be bad
Go ahead set it off, I wanna be bad
Gonna be bad (bad)
I know you like, like how I flippin up your game
Im a make you lose it, bout time your ass is tamed
If you pushin up on me, pop that personality
Just this once I wanna be that I don't care chick
Repeat Chorus
I dont even got to know your name
Youll be thanking me that you came
Just concentrate on what youre doing to me
Dont need you to leave your number and gonna call
Just this and thats all, one night stand baby
Dont even try
Repeat Chorus
Im gonna be bad yeah
I wanna be bad yeah

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