Текст песни Jay-Z — You're Welcome

Hands up, hands up, hands up, higher (4x)
You would think I'm was on 'roids
I been hittin so long
And I'm a big headed boy
Nah, we ain't on HGH
Though I might pick up some weight
When I'm runnin through your state
Nah nah, nah, we ain't on the clare (?)
We on the runway
Get back-to-back lare (?)
Kick it, it's Ms. No More Drama and Barack Obama
All rhymers, feel honoured
I put my life on these tracks
You act like y'all don't wanna pay me for the facts
Luckily my therapy is to rap
I just beared my soul
I don't expect nothing back
You're all welcome
Long as you're welcome
I was gone, you motherfuckers
You know where the hell I'm from
I'm from the bottom
So I do this from the diapers
Quick fast, turn the Big Apple into cider
I do this, I'm a writer and a rider
Spew it cuz I'm nicer
But I do this for the lifers
I'm a writer and a rider
I spew it cuz I'm nicer
But I do it for the lifers
You're welcome
We're all of y'all
Keeping y'all in here
Just to see you smile
And enjoy yourself
You all
You all
You all
You're welcome
Everybody, get your
Hands up, hands up, hands up, higher
Hands up, hands up, hands up, higher
You all

You all
You all
You're welcome
You probably never see again
Somebody so deadly via the pen
Viva Hovito padino (?) muy bien
Big up to Biggie and Pac
I do it for them
Until I rich, Kalik
I do it for him
Do for those who can't do for self due to the pen
May these bars reach through your bars
And ma, whenever saying it
Here's your heart
Cops show, least the stands fill, you all
Love is a battlefield
We all get scarred
I put my heart into this
This is much more than marketed music
The reason I gotta market to do this
Is people going through pain
I'm just walkin em through this
This ain't no marketed music
People going through pain
I'm just talkin em through it
You all
If it wasn't for your love
This would all be a dream
Then you made our dreams come true
That's why God don't need to thank us
Cuz we do this all for you
We knew what you were going through
Because we were going through it too
When no one seems to understand
We were all a-dance (?) and holding hands
Sure I taught you bout watch brands and watch bands
I also said watch the man hoppin out of vans
I ain't only teach you bout Evisu
I taught you how to fish and I let other niggas feed you
You're welcome

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