Текст песни Jay-Z — Murdergram

Niggas is dead, dead I tell you, can't be serious
What you think is gonna happen
With three of the illest niggas together
Street music and so fourth on one track,huh?
Can't be serious, it's murda nigga, huh, it's Murda

Mothafuckers wanna kill me but don't got the heart
To look me in the eyes with the nine and spark
'Cause whether you're for or against this
When I spit with murderous intentions
Everybody goes, everybody knows

The weapons I possess, they not for show
And you put dresses on your weapons when you walk out the door
See once I flash mother fuckers better do the one shot dash
Or be one shot ass

J to the A Y to the drive by to your hood
Screamin' bye-bye to you, why would you fuck with me?
Knowing I put you six feet deep and them niggas
Could die wit'cha cock the hot pistol and pop the hot Cristal

And promise you only one thing, to not miss you
Jahova know the god that served ya
'Cause dead or alive when I arrive it's murda

Shit I hope y'all niggas know to lay low now
'Cause thou shall perish if you don't bow down
'Cause I hit 'em on sight, it's dark, dim the lights
You shot twice god bless to this the night

That a lot of niggas fear the coming of their life
And you dead right be in hell looking for ice
Fuckin' with Ja you bitch niggas talking shit
All on my dick you broke niggas making me rich

You gonna blaze me 'cause you high ripped off the henne rock
Flow semi-hot handling me your not
Check my forte not even on a bad day you beat this
Rather beat your dick or your bitch

My flow be the sick shit, gravely ill
Niggas dying 'cause they know I spit like iron
Nothing but bark flyin', flows and mics, hell and night
Go together like heaven and light
Niggas ain't seein' my plight, It's alright

I let the world know I shine like ice
I bet it all I can throw a hard four in the dice
'Cause I'm a gambling man, you should gamble
With a gat in your hand, spin in barrel and put it to your head

'Cause we don't dance no more all we do is cock and spit
Dedicated to giving you nothing but thug shit
Think we playing, you undoubtable fall further
Fuckin' with I N C is murda

I'm a cruddy nigga, goin' raw-doggin' dirty bitches
And if I get burnt, I'm givin' that shit to thirty bitches
You say you know a nigga like me, guess again Poppy
I might smile up in your face but I ain't your friend Poppy

Jump out the fifteen hundred like runnin', niggas don't want it
Get it, done it, when I'm blunted
However it went down, I made it happen, made it scrapin'
I made it fussin', bustin', I made it cappin'

And lettin' off wasn't nothing new to a nigga
Something to do to a nigga 'cause you is a fool nigga
I know your type, you hype, all up off that fake shit
You can't understand why a man would have to take shit

Or steal shit, but this is that real, niggas kill shit, peel shit
I hit you in your head you won't feel shit
Let the dogs lose on a niggas ass
Find out if the niggas faster then the trigger's blast

A fucking snake in the truest form
Knowin' damn well that what I do is wrong, plus what I do is strong
Niggas is makin' movies so I gots to stop production
I need a block to function and maybe I'll stop destructin'

The blocks is not for frontin', so let me get that shorty
'Cause you don't need that shorty
You don't know what to do with that shorty
You might as well hit this 40, before you hit the floor

Another 24, what you want, money, more?
Them niggas did it raw, with no condom
You find 'em, sayin' sorry he for what he said before I blind them
Get the flame out the four fifth, and there ain't gonna be no more riff

Dog you want a floss tiff but would of made it to the door if
Bullets traveled a lot slower and you ran a lot faster
But they don't and you can't so don't think about after
'Cause tomorrow ain't comin', so stop runnin'
'Cause you gonna die like a sucker, murder motherfucker

Uh, where my mother fucking dogs at?
My nigga Jigga, my dog Ja, Irv Gotti, Rough Riders, Def Jam
Where my dogs at? Top Fight Uh, where my dogs at?
Hold me down, baby, hold me down, baby, hold me down, baby
Boomer one love nigga, murda motherfucker

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