Текст песни Jay-Z — Jockin' Jay-Z

I see you jockin Jay-Z cuz he got a Mercedes and you know about his ladies

I see you jockin' Jay-Z
Jockin' Jay-Z (4x) (I'm so dope boy fresh) (2x)

Verse 1:
WHO's house
Hov no doubt
'Bout the only rapper still gettin' money in the drought
I moves out, into global, I'ma mogul
Fifty-thousand feet in the air and I'm still on my mobile
Fuck talkin' bout the recession, it's just depressin'
I rock wit Obama, but I ain't no politician and I
Chill wit the thugs and the gangstas too
I ain't a blood, but I'm at war wit the boys in blue
Crooked officer, crooked officer
Why you wanna see me in a coffin sir
Is it against the law the way I'm flossin' sir
Benzes, Rolls Royces, and Porches, UHH
Hatas Like "Hov why you still talkin money shit?"
Cuz I like money bitch!
I like fly shit, you like gossip
I let you do you
Why you ridin' my shit??

i see you jockin' Jay-Z
Jockin' Jay-Z (4x) (I'm so dope boy fresh) (2x)

Verse 2:
That bloke from Oasis said I couldn't play guitar
Somebody shoulda told him I'ma fuckin' rockstar
I'm livin' life as a rocker, I'm like pimp c patna
Comin' down in Mercedes, peelin off on the boppers
Worldwide show, I'm comin down in a chopper
Hundred eighty-thou screamin hov wit the roc up
It's too eaaasy
I got ladies on shoulders, showin' me they chi-chi's
I met honey at the show last year
And now I'm actin' brand new like a world premire
Yeah, I know, life ain't fair
But chill baby girl, my girl is here!
I got models in the mosh pit
Dancin off beat, but they know the words to my shit

I see you jockin' Jay-Z
Jockin' Jay-Z (4x) (I'm so dope boy fresh) (2x)

Verse 3:
You ain't gotta jock Jay-Z, jock fly shit
You ain't gotta jock me, homie jock my chick
Jock her Zanotti's, she body you wit the fit
No thats not pilates her, body's just thick
You ain't gotta jock her, nigga jock my clique
Jock the dope boys cuz we all tossed bricks
Federallis jock me while I'm crossin the bridge
Click, click, take a portait of this
I ain't no pretty boy I got a gorgeous wrist
Cut handsome checks, and my flows pretty, sick.
I'm so ghetto chic
I'm where the hood and high fashion meet
OOH WEE I'm like the camoflauge Louis
How you niggas want it? The tux or the tooli?
Hatas, I ain't mad at you
If I wasn't me I'd probably jock me tooo

I see you jockin' Jay-z
Jockin' Jay-Z (4x) (Im so dope boy fresh) (2x)

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