Текст песни Jay-Z — Ignorant S---

Uh Uh yes sir, just the sound of the voices are here,
haha, yall niggas got me really confused out there,
I make " Big Pimpin" or "Give It To Me" one of those,
they held me as the greatest writter of da 21st century,
I make some thought provokin'
shit yall question whether he fallin' off,
Ima really confuse yall on this….Fella
[Verse 1]When them tops come down,
chicks tops come down, when them shots come out,
make cops come around,
when them blocks come out I go wake up a small town,
finish off the block then I make my mall round,
exstairs get exchanged then the 5th come out,
tough guy disappear then the bitch come out,
thats him usually what they whisper bout',
either what chick he wit or his chips amount,
cuz I been doin' this since chips was out,
watchin' erica strada backin' up at the ramada,
table full of powder,
A.C. broke bout to take another shower on my 25th hour,
spike lees everywhere Game on the flight,
you might see me anywhere day in a life,
only thang change da tail number on the flight,
I can touchdown and take off the same night,
I'm so bossy bitch get off me, trick get off me,
you can't get shit off me,
I'm so flossy no sixes off please,
laid back mabach don't even talk to me

[Verse 2]Their all actors lookin' at selve
in the mirror backwards, can't even face themeselves,
don't fear no rappers,
there all weirdos, deniros, and ractors,
ao don't beleive everything you
hear low captures, it's mostly backwards
unless it happens to be as accurate as me, and everything
said it's all you happen to see,
then actually believe half of what you see,
non of what you hear even if its spat by me and wit dat said
I will kill niggas dead, cut niggas short give yu wheels for legs,
Ima K.I.L.L.E.R see yall in hell
shoot niggas straight through the E.R. WHOA!
this aint B.R. no, it's S.C. C.E.O
the next aaliyah no the next leader of the whole free world,
and the first thing im'a do is free sigel Yo
[Verse 3]I built da ark mami cry me a river
blacken my heart by puttin light liquor in da liver
put my all in da part that spreads apart
now I'm back together young goldie the mack forever
heard they love it when I'm hard on hoes
said a G don't give a bitch no keys or security codes,
I agree my lady aint no bitch
she gets whatever I own
so when you see her understand thats me nigga
understand I'm da some ol' G nigga
I know da difference between a bitch and a B nigga
chick get off me, you can't get shit off me

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