Текст песни Jay-Z — Hate

[Jay]haters, haters, these niggas is haters!
and i made myself so easy to love
yeah, yeah
[Kanye]How much they hate it, very
kiss girls like Katy Perry
I am never sprung but i spring her, Jerry
dont try this at home, results may vary
king like t.i. but in the Chi, Larry
[Jay]Hoova, HOVA, both are(a)
American gangstas you choose whose, colder(a)
Rappers get nasty in the booth,
but im gross, i cant even stomach myself
ulcer, more realer cause im closer
had girlies in girldles weighing more than they suppose to(a),
poser(a), No Sir(a),my hustle, so Russell,
i stretch work, yoga
you know i got it down dawg,
Al Roker, i used to knock pounds off
it aint nothing for me to knock nouns off,
but these MCs are prayin for my downfall,
they just… Haters
i wave at you, im so player,
ill never be done im so ra(y)re
[Kanye]We killin the game its not fai(y)r

you mother fuckers stay right the(y)re
'cause we too high up in the a(y)ir
we blastin off just like a la(y)ser
nigga pewoon, pewoon, pewoon,
get me back, give me room, room, room
DB-9 like vroomm,vroomm, vroom
yo' hov what we doin, doin, doin
[Jay]We ballin, bitches,eatin y'all food leavin dishes
why these niggas always talkin Lear talk Ye?
why i never see them at the Clearport Ye?
why i always hear they at the airport
why i fly daily like im in the airforce
therefore, please stop talkin my ears off
millionaire talk, you haters,
you mad at me cause, your paper,
needs to get it's muthafu*in weight up (hold up)
i aint done, name one thing that i aint done
it hurts when you say that i aint one, haters
how do i gain your favor, i need to know cause i ca(y)re
i need you to love me i swea(y)r, look he(y)re
see Ye is, runnin the Chi like Gale Sayers,
im runnin new york, i got the mayor, on my pager
you cant fade us, you hate us
i need you, stay the(y)re
i breath you, like a(y)ir,
where's all my haters,
i love all my haters
i love all my haters
i love all my haters

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