Текст песни Green Day — The Death Of Stjimmy

my heart is beating from me
i am standing all alone
please call me only if you are coming home
waste another yea flies by waste a night or 2

you taught me how to live
in the the streets of shame where you lost your dreams in the rain there's no sign of hope
the stems and seeds are the last of the dope
there's a glow of light the st. jimmy is the spark in the night
bearing gifts and trust the fixture in the city of lust what the hell's your name whats your pleasure what is your pain do you dream to much do you think what you need is a crutch
in the crown of pain st. jimmy comes without any shame hes says were fucked up but we're not the same and mom and dad are the ones you can blame JIMMY DIED TODAY he blew his brains out in to the bay in the state of mind in my own private suicide.

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