Текст песни Green Day — Goin Under

The last time
Some people were cryinThose plastic tears are multiplyin
Now I抳e been confronted
And I keep deninShe keeps cryinI抦 buyinfor time
She抯 still waitinand disapateinThat oakland lady she drives me crazy
She抯 three times the lady
but now I抦 just lazy
three times as much but I抦 not even sayin
thinks that抯 what they do
I抣l get right back to you
She抯 on my mind
I can抰 stop thinkinof her
She won抰 let me love her
Her ex-boy friends on a vacate in thailand
With expensive new clothes
and a fake british accent

well he pumps iron
and his name is byron
when he comes up to me I can tell he抯 inspirin prepare for a beatin I started
now I抦 pumped
and after he explained it to me
I was bruised and bleedin
I set the beat and I just can抰 fight
she抯 as perfect as they get
least that抯 why I am so upset
my tears will dry
women don抰 get any younger
I抦 goinunder
learned to see
you goin under

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