Текст песни Drake — What I'm Thinking Now

I'm on that old switch lane shit,
Jay, Biggs, Dane shit
Talking about them niggas that my daddy pitch came with,
Cause I never learned the "biz" i learned the language,
Well spoken, Man i should've went to Cambriege,
And momma would always claim this:
"I never expected the outcome",
But one day I became this,
No longer nameless,
More gain,
But Im the same,
I will remain this,
I'm still focused,
I stay grounded,
You see I ran with a style when they clowned it,
So read 48 laws if you never read it,
Cuz that is one of the main reasons I'm level headed,
Despite the accumalated success,
If my attitude that was straight I made a regress,
I never want to win the lottery only because my uncle told me
"He who made it by struggling, made it the best"

So with that on my chest,
I'm down on my last 12 G's,
Going through my closet thinking:
"I should probably sell these"
Chanel C's, and LV's,
Somebody stop before I really start to rebel please,
I spend it all,
Who needs anymore?
Who's satisfied doing good deeds anymore?
Who grieves anymore?
Who believes anymore?
Who graduated school and still reads anymore?
Not me,
That should have my whole race shook,
Cause we don't read novels,
But we do face book,
The new craze is having that new age look,
If I said I liked it I'd feel like a 2 faced crook,
I tell retro kids:
"Tie that bandana just a little bit tighter til it suficates you biter"
Cuz i dont wear bright colors or rope chains,
I'm a G my daddy was in the dope game

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