Текст песни Drake — Ghetto University

[Kanye West]All of the lights
all of the lights
all of the lights
all of the lights
[Drake]aaaaaalright it's on
I grew up thinking I was wrong
and always said that if they let me in the b-tch
I'd do some damage
I might be out of mind
but if I am it's just in time
because I got the extra nation so you f-cking understand it man
I'm already show you n-gga what I
[Kanye West]Something wrong
I hold my head
MJ gone…that n-gga dead!
I slapped my girl, she called the feds
I did that time and spent that bread
I'm heading home, I'm almost there
I'm on my way, heading up the stairs
to my surprise, a n-gga replacing me
I had to take em to that ghetto university

[Chorus]all of the lights
lights, flash lights, spot lights
strobe lights, street lights
all of the lights
all of the lights
flash lights, strobe lights
thug lights, rock lights
stripper lights
(all of the lights)
[Kanye West]Restraining order
can't see my daughter
her mother, brother, grandmother hate me in that order
public visitation
we met at Borders
told her she take me back
I'll be more supportive
I made mistakes
I bump my head
courts suck me dry
I spent that bread
she need a daddy
baby please, can't let her grow up in that ghetto university

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