Текст песни Drake — Faded

DDDDamn what did I comsume
Something spinning fast either me or the room I bet you it's the Room, 'cause I don't do no drugs or maybe it's that 'Tron 'cause I Do have a buzz baby either way I'm thowd and I'm on a mission so if Your ears a virgin I advise you not to listen

'Cause this shit here isn't Kosher and this shit isn't Christian This that motherfuckin' heat that you can find up in the kitchen Baby holla at yo' nigga, I got that shit for low OK I don't but Garentee someone I know does
Wait let me slow it down down I'm getting ahead plus it's gettin' Hot and I'm a take a seat instead, I'm lucky I ain't dead I'm on a Roller coaster ride y'all, we all of age and I ain't got nothing to Hide y'all, and in this game I'm a title in a tides small so drop me In and I realease just like a time bomb
Every record that I done, the station played it, this the city that I've run it's the shit that I created, they tellin' me I'm the one And I haven't even made it
Maybe I'm hearing things 'cause I'm feelin' like faded, I'm feelin' Like I'm faded faded fa faded fa faded faded fa faded fa faded faded Fa faded fa faded, I'm feeling like I'm faded faded fa faded fa Faded faded fa faded fa faded faded fa faded fa faded I'm fellin'.

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