Текст песни Drake — Believe It Or Not

(Gucci Mane)
Iï¿1/2m so f*cking dumb I wear diamonds on my thumbs,
Thereï¿1/2s a diamond on my d*ck so that's a diamond on her tongue,
I canï¿1/2t feel you baby cuz I romantically numb,
Emotionally drained I came here just so I can come,
It's nothing on the God son that I havenï¿1/2t done,
I got a lot of problems, getting p*ssy just isnï¿1/2t one,
Girls are like buses every 15 mins they run,
Now there like potato chips I just can not have one,
And I might like you for a minute,
But I don't like your friends in my business,
And I don't feel like you deserve a visit,
Cuz you ain't in the kitchen with me water whipping.
Uh, uh ahhhhhhh,
I know you say you love me girl,
I know you say you love me girl,
Problem is you prolly tell that sh*t to everybody
So, we hear you talking boo but we just don't believe you.
Uh, ok Iï¿1/2m all about it, all for it,
Iï¿1/2m all-star Team Jordan, small forward,
Iï¿1/2m never putting up a shot unless it calls for it,
No hesitation so Iï¿1/2m shooting if I draw for it,
Pow, Pow, f*ck is up, now man Iï¿1/2m in this hoe,
Life is moving fast, where the f*ck do all these minutes go?
Mixtape dropped then I started getting ten a show,
Now I get a hundred what the f*ck you think Iï¿1/2m in it for,

Young Money forever, I bet Gudda, Jay, and Mack agree,
F*ck you to the haters that just spend their time attacking me,
Shout out to your girlfriend n*gga lately she distracting me,
Wondering if Iï¿1/2m the best, well I am no Black Eyed Peas,
Girls wanna f*ck you, n*ggas gotta wanna be you,
Lining up around the block so that they can get to see you,
I feel like I find a wife exactly when I need to,
So you can say whatever girl but we just donï¿1/2t believe you.
(Sean Garrett)
Ainï¿1/2t that your girl,
Ain't that your money,
Ain't you the same n*gga that say she want do that, you funny,
You a gangsta, yeah funny,
You gave 'em four, he gave you two, you f*cking dummy,
Classic line, b*tches run like buses,
Gucci say that n*ggas asking why, why you with my girl,
She let me get it n*gga,
She ain't stupid, go turn up your radio,
Iï¿1/2m the next young Lionel Richie,
I gives a f*ck about doin' a f*cking cameo,
We donï¿1/2t love em, we donï¿1/2t love em, we donï¿1/2t love em, no,
They just love us, they just love us, cuz we stack them Oï¿1/2s,
Cuz we whip it, watch her whip it, when she whip it,
All us gunna hit, once they mention catching feelings,
Two words, I'm gone.

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