Текст песни Drake — Baby Come With Me

[Drake]She be jumpin up and down tryna fit that ass in
Took her half an hour just to get that belt to fasten
All she wanna talk about is partyin and fashion
Dont know where shes going I do not plan on asking, At all.
Cus her spirit is free
And she, lets nobody else in except for me
If her basement is locked, then i swear she would agree
Im the only one she loves
Theres no copies of the key, Homie Thats A Guarantee.

[Drake - Verse 2] (*New*)
Dont forget your Fendi purse that you put all your cash in
kinda hard to concentrate when the cameras are flashin
other dudes would suffocate her I dont want to gas in
dont know where shes going and I do not plan on asking
at all, Ive never been the type, felt alike
my connection with n-ggas that wanna fight over women, thats not right
theres too many in the World
homie you can have your pick
but I swear that ones my girl
I swear that ones my girl

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