Текст песни Ciara — Darkroom

(Verse 1)
Somethings tellin' me that i should let u in.
behind close doors, then the lights start to dim,
dim it, dim it, now kill it in the room,
I kiss the cologne on yo' neck, u kiss my perfume,
The purple lights is all i see,
cuz i see u in my dreams,
I'm tryna' just let u be,
But Daddy give it all to me,
give it all to me,
Yes thats what i mean,
Your somethin' i want,

but still somethin' i need,
Makin' Love (Love,Love)
Has taken control,
I need ya (ya,ya)
Just to let u know,
Don't move to slow,
'Cuase i need ya' now,
Do it 'til the sun turns on the moon,
While wer alone in this dark,dark room,

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