Текст песни Atreyu — Love Is Illness

My soul it screams for you
can you not here it
my arms reach out for you
why cant you take them
my heart burns only for you
can you extinguish it
I love only to be loved by you
why cant you love me too

I long only to be held and care for
why cant it be
am I to die alone and bitter
what the hell is wrong with me
my face is blackened and my eyes are sewn shut
with fear and sorrow
I no longer wish to love anything
just cut the heart right out of me

sometimes I choke on all the false love
that infects me
sometimes everything is not enough to cure
the sickness inside of me

I did it all cried black tears for you
why cant you see
like a vampire biting my heart
suck the love right out of me
don't even care as my blood stains the floor
cannot be cleaned
you cut me out and tore me through
six feet under's the place for me

I feel it all as it sickens me
it feels like I'm dying inside
because of the love I gave that can't be returned
my longing for instability is a personality flaw

I trust you with respect
and you tear me down

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