Текст песни Amy Winehouse — The Car Accident

My Man Is In A Car Accident
He Really Did Mean All The Things He Meant
He In The Emergency Room
Looking Crazy Like A Fool
Shit I Oughta Shoot Him With My Gun
Ray You Know You Treated Me Wrong
This Is Why I Am Singing This Song
Boom Boom
There He Goes With One Leg
Pushed Him Down In the Tub
Made Him Sleep There
When I Was In My Bed
Didn't Need No Man
Standing up On Me
This Morning He Had A Wheelchair
With One Leg
I Didn't Care
My Man And Me Bout Split Up
Cuz We Ain't Nothin But Some Nasty Spit Up
Uh Uh
No No
Go Out With That H-O
Uh Uh
Hell No
Please Leave And Get Out Wih Your Hooooooooooooo

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