Текст песни 10 CC — Hot To Trot

She had a shake like a belly dancer
and a body like a tiger tiger (uh huh,uh huh)She was looking at me Now you know that I ain't no dancer
But there's gotta be a way to meet her
So I just walked up to her and said
Are you hot to trot?Well I knew I was looking cool
Pretty sharp like a razor razor (uh huh,uh huh)She was smiling at me So I said if you got the notion
We could take a little trip to the ocean
She said that'll be OK
'Cause I'm hot to trot We were having a ball by the water
Talking about life and philosophizing (uh huh,uh huh)She was really talking to me She said I can't understand why you gotta hustle
Struttin'and posin'and flexin'muscle
So I said,well that's easy baby
I'm hot to trot

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